At EveryChild NOW, children are at the heart of everything we do. Our mission, vision, and values serve as the blueprint for the way we do our work.

What We Do

EveryChild NOW is transforming the way West Virginia values, empowers, and invest in every child by:

  • Calling upon business leaders to invest in every child
  • Partnering with change makers to meet the resource needs of every child.
  • Supporting children, families, teachers, coaches, and mentors with resources to ensure every child feels valued. 
  • Utilizing data framework results to develop innovative approaches that improve the well-being of every child
EveryChild NOW investments in early childhood bring great return

How We Do It

EveryChild NOW works collaboratively with an impact network composed of partners, change makers, data consumers, and the community to ensure we reach every child in West Virginia.

Why We Do It

We need to instill that hope is alive and better days are ahead. As adults we must rally one another and work together to value (demonstrate genuine interest in their thoughts, feelings, and experiences), empower (help them develop healthy self-esteem, confidence, and resilience), and invest (mobilize research, advocacy, and resources to ensure well-being) in every child.

We must counter the negative influences in each child’s life with abundant positive influences. Together we will build greater opportunities for children, families, and ultimately, our state.

EveryChild NOW (formerly WV KIDS COUNT) has been living our mission for over 35 years, a mission based on publishing data about the well-being of West Virginia’s children. This data has proved vital in understanding how West Virginia’s children are faring with regard to education, health, economic well-being, and family and community in comparison to other states. It has been cited more times than another other source when applying for grant funding. 

In reflecting our rich 35-year history, we looked inward to evaluate how we could approach our work to improve the lives of children differently, better. We’ve grown tired of reporting that we as a state are failing West Virginia children. It is time to do something dramatically different — something that makes life better for every child today and for generations to come.

Because every child deserves to be safe, healthy, supported, and successful, the future of West Virginia depends on what we do today. We will focus our work on tangible things that improve the lives of every child.